Cleaning Scuff Marks Off Your Pipes

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Cleaning Scuff Marks Off Your Pipes


The problem:

You went riding the other day and your passenger had these real cool boots; so cool she decided to leave some of her heel on your perfectly polished chrome. How do you get it off with-out F#$%ing up your pipes?

While there are a lot of ideas out there, here’s one with a twist that I have used for years.

The answer:

Take “Blue Magic Metal Polish” cream. You can get it at any local auto supply house. The key to its use is to first get the pipes good and hot. (a good excuse for a short ride) then apply the cream with a paper towel directly to the offending area. For the really stubborn spots use more elbow grease. Let the pipes cool down then use a clean rag to clean off the scuff marks and shine up your pipes. For the really baked on spots you may have to repeat the process. This process will also remove road tar. The results however are impressive: no scratch marks.


Patrick H.

Follow along as Patrich removes the inevitable boot marks left behind after a ride.
Total time = 10 minutes, max.

You will need "Blue Magic Metal Polish" & Rags

The Problem

After You Have Warmed Up The Pipes
Apply Cream

For Heavy Marks Rub Hard

Rub In A Thin Layer To Entire Pipe

More Rubbing

While I'M At It

Make Sure To Let the Pipes Cool Down
Lite'm If You Got Them


Wipe Off The Marks & Polish

Ready To Roll Again


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