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Got Saggy Bags



    Yea that’s the name of the product and the kit is designed to fix saggy leather bags. Recently Harley has addressed the saggy bag problem by reinforcing there leather bags. However if you have an earlier model this is the kit for you.

    According to the company; “The Perimeter Insert System eliminates the unsightly wrinkles and buckled seam problems at the front and rear ends of your bags. The surfaces will now remain straight, smooth, and square. The inserts are a full-wrap system that supports the entire circumference of the bag.”

We ordered up a complete set for a 2004 Heritage Softail Classic. It came in about a week. I was surprised to see how simple and well thought out the kit was. A couple plastic inserts, front and aft of the bag, a retainer, a U-shaped for the opening and glue in pieces for the lid.  All the other pieces lock into position with only a pliers, straight edge, and utility knife.

    The instructions were clear and easy to understand.

    The actual installation was a bear. We started with the right bag and immediately ran into fitment problems. Reading the instructions again I noticed the line that say’s we may need to trim the pieces to fit and in some cases they do not work at all. What we realized was that after years of baking in the sun the bags had warped. So began the trimming process. The plastic inserts are easy to cut; you scribe a line with a razor blade and snap it off with a pair of pliers. Per the instructions we only cut 1/8 inch at a time. After about 45 minutes of massaging the bag while using a hook tool we were able to get the inserts in place only making one cut. The left side went much quicker. I think this was because the bike rests on the left side where it doesn’t get a much direct sunlight.

    All in all we were happy with the product; they do an excellent job of holding the bags in shape.

    Good buy, fair price. My recommendations are; if you have the older style leather bags get a set now and install them before the bags warp completely out of shape.

-Felix & Joy



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